Joiners - Alchimists of the 21st century! They know how to rejuvenate cracked skin. They know the secrets against folds. Not for us, but rather for furniture, window, doors, covers and panels. Our joiners turn back the clock when it comes to neglected woodwork.

The proper and accurate maintenance and restoration of historical projects is always our main concern. The
reproduction of vastly differing styles of doors and windows is just as important as the production of simple, combination and double wondows. We produce window type IV 68 using insulated glass in accordance with proper restoration guidelines but with ultra-modern execution.

Our journeymen work under the leadership of our experienced master joiner Volker Seidel on projects ranging from folding shutters, window frames, wooden panneling, wooden gates and winter gardens.

Examples of our joiners' works can be seen in the palace in Stolberg and the Bellevue palace in Kassel.