Stone Masons and Sculptors

Stone masons and sculptors - Obelix is their supplier and the Gaul brings the stones! Our stone masons and sculptors then strike and pound the stones until even the Romans would have grown pale with envy. We don't know whether the Druid Miraculix had his herbal fingers involved in their game, but regardless, the results are spectacular.

In the stone working division our restorers, masters, journeymen and apprentices are hard at work under the leadership of our master stone mason, sculptor and restorer Daniel Schubert.

The preparation of natural stone for facades, walls, coverings and sculptures is the task of the stonemason area.

The historical facade of the city hall in Halberstadt and the work done on the palace in Dresden are examples of the superb work of our masons.

Other examples of our work include the Harz Hochschule in Halberstadt as well as the Magdeburg cathedral.