Award for craftsmanship in monument preservation 2016

On 21.11.2016 our carpenters in Erfurt received the Award for craftsmanship in monument preservation. Reference object is a farm in the Thuringian backlife near Kölleda.

Award for craftsmanship in monument preservation 2016


35 anniversary (2016 )

01/09/2016 commit our former apprentices , master carpenter and master craftsman restorer Michael Knop and carpenters polishing Andre Hake , its 35th anniversary.

Now even they may be classified in the illustrious club of now Ü35er , which would include prominent members of the carpenters Jörg Lamster and Frank - Uwe Krüger as well , our " Cold for all cases " , Jürgen Klein .

actual builing sites (2016)

Burg Falkenstein in Falkenstein/Harz (Steinmetz/Zimmerer)
Jagdschloss Glienecke in Berlin (Maurer)
GutsMuths Gymnasium Quedlinburg (Tischler)
Höfersches Haus in Gifhorn (Zimmerer)
Pößneck, Restaurierung Zaun (Schlosser)
Thürungen (Kelbra), Turmsanierung (Zimmerer, Maurer)
Fischerhaus in BS-Riddagshausen (Zimmerer + Dachdecker)
Schloss Favorite in Rastatt (Dachdecker)
Havelberger Dom (Zimmerer, Maurer, Dachdecker)
Kloster Drübeck - Umbau Alte Mühle (Tischler)
Klosterkirche Konradsburg, Ermsleben (Steinmetz), etc.

builing sites (2016)


Präqualifikation VOB

Since July 24, 2012, the Werkstätten für Denkmalpflege GmbH are officially prequalified and are listed in the national list of the prequalified companies of the association for the prequalification of construction companies e.V. under the number 010.001790.

For more information, please visit:

Prequalification certificate for download as a PDF file


WfD as "Handwerksbetrieb in der Denkmalpflege" confirmed

With the central list of tested craft business for monument care has the central association of german craft ZDH and the Fraunhofer IRB a basis createt were monument offices, construction offices and architects of public construction gentlemen about the accordingly database ( of services from qualification companies were made.

"Die Werkstätten für Denkmalpflege GmbH Quedlinburg" were accordingly of his suitability tested and the required qualification criteria confirmed.

Westerhausen, october 2009

Werkstätten für Denkmalpflege GmbH wins federal award for craft in the monument care 2008

The central association of german craft and the german foundation monument had on friday 12th december 2008 the federal award for craft in monument care 2008 initiated. Excellented were restorations of private construction monuments in Saxony-Anhalt which are exemplary to receiving of cultural heritage contribute.

"Die Werkstätten für Denkmalpflege GmbH Quedlinburg" became the 3rd price for the execution of roofers and mason services at the Ackerbürgerhof Hölle 10 in Quedlinburg.

"With the acquisition and the recovery of the Ackerbürgerhof in Quedlinburg realized a dream for owners Martin and Christine Michaelis. Through the patiently recovery of the building esembel in central location was the first step to preserve this important memorial. The respectfully dealing with that historic construction substance leads to the high claim to the monument and is going fair to the craft head" so the jury.

The exellent roofers Peter Nelius and Andreas Kersten and the mason Thomas Laue were rejoiced about the award. The first wisher was the mayor Dr. Brecht from Quedlinburg.

30 Year Anniversary of the Werkstätten für Denkmalpflege GmbH

In 1978, a small group of building enthusiasts decided to found the Werkstätten für Denkmalpflege GmbH (formerly VEB Demkmalpflege Halle).

The 12 years as a people's enterprise, followed by a management buy-out and an 18-year period as a free-market enterprise have made our company what it is today: a guarantee of competence, reliability and quality in construction. We owe our growth and success to the expertise and cooperation of our business partners, distributors and, above all else, our fellow colleagues. It's no wonder that our customers put their absolute trust in us.

For all of this, we extend our most hearfelt thanks.

Press commentary for download as PDF file


Werkstätten für Denkmalpflege GmbH gewinnt 2. Fußball - FirmenCup der Region Harz

The Soccer-FirmenCup championships of the Harz region were held for the second time on 09.06.2007 on the grounds of VfB Germania in Halberstadt. In outstanding summer weather, 26 businesses met out of the region for this year's firm championship games. After successful preliminary rounds and victorious quarter and semi finals, Werkstätten für Denkmalpflege defeated the team of FSZ Freizeit- und Sportzentrum in the final with a score of 2:1.

Report and results soccer-FirmenCup 2007



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